Worst classic cars to repair


We asked you, the Clasiq audience, who, lets face it, know a thing or two about repairing classics. Which classic was the worst car to repair? The results of our survey and some of the best comments from our community are below and the results may or may not surprise you!

Dave Logue Being a Corvette lover and owner for years, I would have to go with the Vette. Repairs to my beloved Vetteā€™s come in thousand dollar $$$$$ chunks. Because of the sophistication of the designs and technology, not every repair shop or mechanic can work on one. Oh….but they are so worth the expense!!!!!!!

Olen Hall AMC cars were a hodge podge of parts from other manufacturers. And you had to pull the part in question and take it with you to get a replacement.

Harry Adams Corvette … No room under the car ..

Nelson Engleking Vett . Every time you drive the damn thing ( like granny)something would snap . Like one of the back axles.

Ronnie Rose Put head gaskets on a 327 in a Vette , next day my stomach was so sore ,felt like I had done a 100 setups , because I was afraid to lean on those dang fenders !

Slone Chris Of the choices, for me working at a full service Gulf station, putting fuel in a Corvette. Shop rag over nozzle to catch any fuel that might drip.

Dean Adams Pacer, cause it was built by AMC and they put things where they shouldn’t of been, making it a death trap

Vaughn May The C2 and C3 Corvettes because of the the Independent rear suspension (the swing link off the forward part of the frame) and the engine being placed back towards the rear as far back as possible to obtain near 50/50 weight distribution.

Fred Johnson Corvette? Spark plugs on GM V-8’s had to be changed by “feel.”

Gary Gustafson Work on it? From a body shop perspective, the Corvette hands down. Other folks told of the horror of its mechanical repairs.

Richard Kennedy Corvette cause it was impossible to get to the spark plugs and headers. Your almost have to pull the fenders off lift the engine up.

Rick Stanfield The t bird my dad had a 63 that was always going back to the dealership for a rattle finally when he told them to take it and shove it they dismantled it to find a coke bottle with a note HA HA you finally found me

Randy Marsh Any one of them was a pain to work on if you were the mechanic or week-end shade-tree, cause Sat. and Sun were the only days you had to fix stuff and the parts store wasn’t open on Sun. So Fri.-night in the garage til god knows when, and wake the wife up from your cussin and deal with that too now…..final answer= all of them, cause I’ve been There!!! I could go on, but you’ve got the picture…

Elly Ryan Corvette just try putting a battery in a 63 split window. With out scratching it. Ralph

Chris Cline The pacer was a very difficult car to change the back spark plug l think you had to remove the motor mount bolt. Why are you people haten on the pacer it’s a classic lol party on Wayne

Wayne Bristow Corvette you had too love one too work on it, dont believe me try aligning a early one you know like the toe adj in the rear (shims)….

AMC Pacer -34%
Corvette -37%
Shelby 500 – 17%
Thunderbird – 5%
Mercury – 7%

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