Ways To Keep Your Classic Car In Great Condition

People who have the privilege of owning a beautiful classic car know that maintaining its glorious appearance is very important. Nobody wants to go through the time and expense that goes into having a high quality classic car only to have it decay into poor condition, so good maintenance tips can be extremely valuable. For the benefit of classic car owners all over the world, this article will provide some helpful tips that can keep your classic car running well and looking amazing for years to come!

  • Keeping Your Classic Car Consistently Oiled & Lubricated
    Although this tip also applies to modern cars, it is especially important for classic cars and it has to do with lubricating the moving parts in the vehicle. Classic car engines and critical components should always be oiled up generously, and consistently checked for loss of lubrication. Sometimes an issue can arise in your classic car’s engine that you cannot instantly detect, and you might end up driving it without realizing that a part has lost lubrication for some reason. If this happens, you can be put into a position where you are risking major damages to the engine and drivetrain components in your classic car, and this could end up ruining the car’s value. By checking for proper lubrication almost every time you drive your classic car, you can prevent any damages to the vehicle’s critical internal components.
  • Running Your Classic Car Often Can Keep Moving Parts In Good Working Order
    Most classic cars that are unrestored, and even those that have been restored are often using older parts and systems that can easily become dysfunctional if left untouched for long periods of time. A great way to prevent your classic car from stagnating and becoming dysfunctional is to run the engine often, and on a regular basis. This will keep moving parts in motion, staying lubricated, and it will keep them hot and resistant to the kind of corrosion that happens when parts do not move for a long time. This is a really easy way to keep your classic car running great, simply by running the engine every few days or once a week at the least.
  • Never Park A Classic Car On A Dirt Or Gravel Surface
    While some well-intentioned classic car owners might think it is perfectly fine to leave their vintage auto parked on a dirt or gravel surface, this is actually not true. It is a bad idea to leave a classic car on a dirt or gravel surface, since these surfaces allow moisture to freely migrate up into the vehicle through the underside of the car. Sealed parking surfaces like concrete and pavement will not allow for this level of moisture transfer into the classic car, and so they are preferred parking surfaces. Another related maintenance tip for your classic car is to park it in a location that has effective drainage, so that the area will not flood water up into your classic automobile after a rain.
  • Avoid Leaving Your Classic Car In Prolonged Sunlight Exposure
    Keeping your classic car waxed up at all times can keep the paint job looking shiny and glorious, and it can also help to preserve the paint over time. It also provides a minor shielding against sun exposure, but not nearly enough that it is okay to leave your classic car out in direct sunlight all the time. Direct sunlight can do an extensive amount of aesthetic damage to a classic car that is left constantly exposed, and so protecting your vintage vehicle from direct sunlight is another easy way to make sure your classic automobile will be preserved for generations to come.
  • Clean Your Classic Car More Often While Roads Are Salted In Winter
    Since salty roads in the winter time can easily cause rapid corrosion on a classic car, it is advised that owners of these vintage autos clean their car off every time they have to drive on a salted road. This may seem extreme to clean off the car every time you drive on a salted road, but your classic car will thank you over time! Even though this tip only applies to classic car owners who reside in states with long and snowy winters, it is still important maintenance advice for those it applies to. If you own a classic car and live in a long-winter state, it can be a great idea to simply keep a small rag or cloth in your classic car to wipe salt off its external surfaces after a winter drive on salty roads.

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