The Top Five Worst Parts to Replace

At Clasiq we have a few stories about how some of our renovations have gone wrong. In fact, we’re so passionate about restoring classics we even created an ultimate guide to restoring them but we all know that there is one part we simply hate repairing. We knew we wouldn’t be alone so we decided to ask our Facebook community of 775,000 users what job they love to hate when it came to repairing or restoring their classic. Here’s the top five:

5) Water Pumps.
Why? There’s so much stuff you need to move to get to it and then when you do if you don’t own a lift, anything that’s underneath it!


Image source: @86z28_navarro

4) Next up – anything electrical!
Camaro’s seemed to get referenced a lot here and one of our survey respondents said a special mention (or is that a special place in Hell?) needs to be given to the 86 Z28.


Image source: @86z28_navarro

3) 4 WD Front hubs
Wheels are easy right? Right? Wrong. Tons of people mentioned changing the front hubs on any classic 4 WD can be the stuff of nightmares.


Image source: @wheelfire

2) Any part on a Dodge!
That’s right. We asked and the people spoke. There were just too many horror stories around Dodge’s that we couldn’t mention them all.


Image source: @imgagebro

1) The nut behind the steering wheel
This surprised us too but the stand out winner of the worst part to replace was, indeed, that pesky nut behind the steering wheel.


Image source: @mark_wht56

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