The top five classic restorations most likely to lead to a divorce

As a classic car nut, you will probably spend a lot of time in your garage. We know that working on a restoration project can sometimes be a labor of love. It can also lead to lead to some ‘domestic challenges’; especially if your life partner doesn’t quite love the project quite as much as you. Here at Clasiq we’ve had our share of conflict because we have been shopping for spanners when we should have been shopping for shoes but we wanted to find out if that was just us or other people shared our pain. But, guess what? As the most highly engaged classic car community on Facebook (with over 770,0000 likes and counting) we decided to ask our audience. The results may (or may not!) shock you…

5) Pre 1960’s Jeep
Tons of people mentioned Jeeps when we asked this question. In particular, a Jeep produced pre 1960 seemed to cause some serious marital problems. One of our fans even mentioned they had a restoration project that has gone on for over 17 years when they planned it to be over in six months. That’s 17 years worth of serious heat!


Image Source: @j.kiely.jr’s

4) Plymouth Road Runner
We had a few nominations for the Road Runner. Parts, according to Clasiq fans, are expensive due to their rarity and, apparently corners like a pig!


Image Source: @niklasphotography1

3) GTO
Next up it’s the GTO. Not many people offered a reason as to why they nominated the GTO but there was a lot of people mentioned it!


Image Source: @49chevy3100

2) Corvette
The penultimate classic in our divorce list is The Corvette. Maybe it’s the cost of buying the car in the first place? Maybe it’s the cost of the parts? Who knows but a lot of people think a Corvette will lead to an unhappy end to a marriage.

1) ‘Anything by MOPAR’!
That’s right our survey suggested that any Dodge, Plymouth, etc. will lead to the end of your marriage! Why? The cost! MOPAR cars hit number one in our survey because instead of buying diamond rings, you’ll be spending your hard earned cash on drivetrains.


Image Source: @maschappell

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