Stylish 1951 Nash Rambler Country Club

This glowing 1951 Nash Rambler Country Club hardtop is probably the most adorable classic out there. It is like an adorable chubby baby that is filled with joy and love. It comes in a classy 2-tone red and white finish that makes it look like it is a motorized candy. This adorable Nash Rambler is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was previously auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction last January 2015.

You can clearly see in the featured images that this is a very solid and clean example which is the result of a complete restoration. The bright-red interior looks fantastic and perfectly solid. Nash designed the Rambler to prove to the American people that a small car can still be as classy and have the features of a full-sized car, and Nash certainly delivered their promise.


The Nash Rambler was first introduced in 1950 which was only available as a convertible model named as the Landau. Although they were really popular, it only had a short production run of 5 years. Its adorable compact design which Nash was proud of was also its downfall. The American market was looking for bigger and more powerful cars which turned away from the small Rambler. Production was completely closed in 1955.

The Nash Rambler was introduced before the Rambler name became an independent brand that was part of the American Motors Corporation. The Rambler name was already famous back in the days. Nash was proud to say that all of their models used the “airflyte” design which basically means that they are a unibody car. Despite having only a 100’’ wheelbase, the Rambler had a relatively spacious interior.


The adorable Nash Rambler is famous for its “inverted bathtub” design that has all of its fender skirts covering all of the wheels. It looks incredibly stylish with its smooth profile but for some, it looks a bit dorky. The Rambler has a lot of interesting features that adds to its charm. The bright red hardtop really stands out. There have been a number of street rodded Nash Rambler which may not be everyone’s taste but are surely interesting builds.

It would certainly be a waste to turn this adorable Rambler into a street rod. This is a rare and unique classic that certainly deserves to be preserved. It is powered by a small but reliable 173 ci flathead 6-cylinder engine that can produce more than 80 horsepower which is enough to push this tiny coupe at respectable speeds.


According to its dealer from South Dakota, “The car is a lot of fun to drive, and always turns head wherever it goes.” It’s not surprising that this little Rambler is certainly a head turner with its eye-catching bright red top. It is a turnkey classic and runs smoothly.

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