Revealed – The top five classic cars to have sex in.

We surveyed our community of 770,000 classic car fans which car they thought was the best car to make ‘whoppy’ in. And, we got A LOT of responses. Here are the top five cars from our survey in reverse order…

5) Pontiac Firebird:


14% – If any car was going to make people lose their underwear it would probably be a car driven by Burt Reynolds.

4) Dodge Charger:


16% – As driven by the Dukes of Hazzard — need we say more?

3) Chevelle:


19% – Beautiful clean lines and plenty of space in the back for a muscle car…

2) Ford Mustang:


24% – You know the one that Steve McQueen drove in Bullit? Yeah, we can see why this was pretty popular.

1) GTO:


27% – This surprised us too! But the numbers don’t lie. Is it the clean lines? Maybe it’s because it was named after a Ferrari or is it because people affectionately called it ‘The Goat’? Who knows, but either way, it looks like this classic has seen some action in its time.

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