Would you turn your classic electric?

You can’t escape it, our use of fossil fuels like gasoline is bad for the environment. When it comes to new cars, for about a decade hybrids have become more and more popular. And, it’s pretty inevitable that in the next 15-20 years most new cars will be powered exclusively by batteries. Recently Volkswagen teamed up with eClassics to convert a classic Beetle from its original gas engine to an electric motor. This concept intrigued us and, having an audience of over 800,000 petrol heads in our community, we decided to ask them what they thought. And, the results may surprise you…


Image source: @_scl_photography

We asked our community if they would ever convert their gas-guzzling classic to a battery-powered car and the results were split pretty much 50/50. Here’s a selection of some of the best comments we got on this topic:


In time it will be more commonplace. There are some benefits to electric cars and technology is continuously improving.

Batteries are getting affordable so this marriage just seems correct. The future can be cool as Ice.

Yes! As long as it is not my primary source of transportation!


And, more predictably here’s the no camp:

Not to a clasiq car, But maybe a VW bug


Battery probably costs more than the car. Very efficient. No.


Image source: @loicpc

So, from our pretty unscientific poll, we can conclude that attitudes towards electric engines are softening. We’re pretty convinced that if we asked this question three years ago there would be a lot more hell no’s!

What do you think?

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