Class, Style and Horsepower

Since the beginning of the automobile folk’s around the world tried to improve on the way they drove, road, and how they could make them faster. The late 20’s, 30’s improved greatly on class and making them a smooth ride. Not just by the factory designers but also by mechanics and other folks around the world. Farm boy’s taking them apart and putting them back together figuring out what would and wouldn’t work. Idea’s were sparked in barn’s, garages, and filling stations across the land. A lot of changes to automobiles were done this way. The 40’s brought a lot more class and more horsepower. The straight 8’s, better chassis’s, and yes more style and class.

The auto industries were all about making high quality long lasting vehicles. Road’s around the world were being improved it was a great time in automobile history. The 50’s now some would disagree that the 50’s didn’t have the class of the past. Myself I say they not only had class but they had style and a attitude. The kind of car or pickup you had reflected a person’s personality and attitude. Plus horsepower was becoming the big sell. Especially from 1955 threw 58. Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Chrysler, Cadillac, Packard, and many more all had power in mind.


The 1960’s much like the 50’s some would say they don’t have the style, and class of the past and again I disagree. The 60’s brought in a lot of different design’s and different model’s. Horsepower was the main sale Chevy with the impala, corvette, and the Camaro. Ford with the Galaxie, Mustang, Cobra, and the Torino. Pontiac with the GTO, Lemans, and the Firebird. Plymouth, Dodge with the Charger, GTX, Super Bee, Road runner, and the Dart. All of those names screamed Horsepower and the names had the power to back them. Posi-traction, stronger chassis, classic cool body design’s, and paint.

The 1960’s automobiles to me were the cutting edge in all aspect’s. It carried on into the 1970’s. Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Plymouth, and Dodge were still producing classy, stylish, automobiles with horsepower. But like all great thing’s it ended. After 1972 automobiles and the world were more concerned with the environment, economy, and safety. Which are all important thing’s. But to me it ruined the style, class, and horsepower. Automobiles became smaller. Chrome was being phased out alone with style, and class. Horsepower dropped to nothing compared to the past. This is when farm boy’s and mechanics started to hold onto motor’s and other part’s from the past so they could build themselves a automobile with style, class, and power. Not everyone wanted cheap, eco friendly. The auto industry carried on that way threw the late 70’s, and all threw the 80’s, and 90’s.

From 2000 until now style, class, and horsepower has made it’s way back. But nothing like the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Those decades had it all. I’ve always said to people that from the mid 30’s to the 1950’s were pure style and class, and that from 1955 to 1972 was horsepower. After that it all went away. I have been fortunate in my life to be able to have worked on and driven many classic car’s, pickup’s. I have even owned a few. Of course at the time myself or no one else considered them classics. But as time goes on then they weren’t just an automobile they were a classic automobile. Which to me the term classic automobile, means Class, style, and horsepower.

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