Beautifully Restored 1937 Diamond T Model 80

The Diamond T was an automobile company that was built by C.A. Tilt in 1905. Diamond T was relatively successful in producing a wide range of standard quality vehicles. In 1911, the high demand for functional trucks inspired Diamond T to pursue the truck market where they were more successful with. Their success in the truck industry allowed them to grow and compete against Mack. Diamond T was in business for more than 56 years and produced almost a quarter million vehicles.


The iconic Diamond T logo is believed to have been made by senior Tilt. A Letter T was sewn into a leather piece and filled with diamond to symbolize the company’s quality. C.A. Tilt used the logo and applied its principle to the quality of his cars. The Diamond T trucks were even considered as “the Cadillac of trucks” because of their excellent quality and sophisticated design that was uncommon at that time. Tilt even said that “a truck does not have to be homely,” and it reflected with all his cars & trucks.


Diamond T was at its peak around the 1930s when their heavy trucks were in high demand. They grew bigger and they were able to add a new line, a light-duty pickup truck that was designed to compete against similar designs built by International, Reo, and their biggest rival, Mack. The 1936 Diamond T Model 80 was larger than Ford and Chevrolet trucks but was more accessible than a full-sized heavy load truck. And it was very stylish for a truck, it had sexy fenders, a flashy radiator grille, and sloped windscreen. Although it was a light-truck, the Model 80 was relatively large and was available in either a single or dual rear wheel with a ¾ ton capacity. But the large Model 80 looked smaller than it actually is thanks to the well-designed body that resemble a passenger car. For those who love classic heavy trucks, then you’ll surely enjoy the beauty of the Model 80. Added with its rarity, the Model 80 is a great collector’s truck.

This featured Model 80 pickup received a complete restoration that is rarely done on a classic truck like this one. Most of the time, classic trucks are restored that emphasize form and function but this beautiful Diamond T received a more extensive restoration. The restoration work paid much attention to detail especially the body and paint job, it now comes with a beautiful and shining finish that is accented with luscious chrome. This mid-sized pickup is an exceptional example with an eye-catching bright red finish that is beautifully accented by green stripe. It rides on large 20” wheels with a dual rear. All of the wheels are painted in red and has silver rims, all of which are fitted with the period correct tires. All of the chrome works are in excellent condition. The large truck bed is also in excellent condition and features beautifully finish and solid wooden panels.


The passenger’s cabin is beautifully restored in its original configuration. It features rubber floor mats and durable green upholstery that says that this truck was truly built to work. The interior does have a bit of class to it thanks to the 2-tone green and cream dashboard that is fully loaded with chrome-rimmed instruments that are completely functional. A big steering wheel completes the interior that looks in good condition with some minor cracks. The leaned-back split windscreen can be independently opened for some fresh breeze.


This truck is powered by a QX-series inline six engine supplied by Hercules engine from Canton, Ohio, The large flathead runs smoothly and looks great. The engine is painted with industrial gray and other engine accessories are done in a glossy black finish. Everything under the hood is done using period correct parts such as the hose clamps. Just by looking at the engine bay, you’ll know that this truck still has a lot of life left.


Built between 1936 and 1938, the Model 80 had a very short production run and the actual number of Model 80s built is unknown. It is believed that only a few thousand were built and only a handful have survived the harsh working conditions these trucks were used in. This Model 80 is probably one of the very few survivors to receive such an extensive restoration. This beautiful 1937 Diamond T Model 80 is a great example of a postwar-era working truck that is both reliable and beautiful at the same time.

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