1952 Pontiac Chieftan

When I turned sixteen and had that forever sought after driver’s license, I was in hot pursuit of a car of my own.  My father and I had many discussions about makes, models and styles before making a purchase.  He was leaning towards a new car but I was not convinced on that idea.

We were driving to my aunt’s house one Sunday afternoon and at the end of the driveway, there she sat with a for sale sign staring right at me.  It was a 1952 Pontiac Chieftan, 2-door hardtop that was two-toned green.  I looked at my Dad and pointed to the car, “that’s the one”, I told him.  I turned around and went back to see this beauty.

1952 Pontiac Chieftan

The car was loaded with chrome and I mean loaded!  The bumpers, side and down the center of the hood and trunk.  Five rows of chrome.  The hood ornament was none other than the Chief Pontiac.  It would light up at night to lead the way down the road!  This was a stunning car with two-toned green interior, including the dash, leather seats and a light green headliner, which was also ribbed in chrome.  Even though the seats were sized to accommodate six, tightly seated, four was good, and I will add that two were perfect especially for a date night at the drive-in!

The accent lights inside the car were a great feature for entering the car at night.  The dash board was built around this huge center mounted speaker that sounded the tube style radio.  The windshield wipers were operated by the top center knob.  They were vacuum controlled instead of being electric.  The faster you went the faster the wipers would move.

The owner came out and greeted us and I was invited to test drive this fabulous car.  The steering wheel was just a tad smaller than that found on a paddle wheel boat.  The key for the ignition was just right of the steering wheel in the dash.  To the left of the steering wheel was the starter button with the key turned I pushed the button and ignited the straight eight beast!  I was surprised at the performance of the car.  The response and handling were very good and a very smooth ride, considering it was just shy of  two tons of steel, iron and chrome!  Upon our return to the owner’s house, I learned that the car had belonged to her late husband who had worked at the local Pontiac dealership.  I had been saving what I earned at the local burger joint and when I told her what I had saved, she lowered the asking price $50.00 so that I could afford gasoline for a couple of weeks.

So, the deal was made and the car served me well.  It was stylish, strong and dependable.  This was truly a “Clasiq” Car!

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